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Here are some handy tips, buying guides and clothes sizing guides for you and the home. 

Hope you find these of use!


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How to sleep more, eat less and be ready for Christmas!

To Pack or Shop or Ignore the whole lot? 

Surely vegetables can't be that bad?

Wishing you were on holidays?

Hands up if you over eat?

To Travel, To Clean and To Bed (with $5 OFF!)

Sleeping, Stir-frying and Keeping Warm in Bed!

Bad Bathroom Odours, Casserole Cooking and Unusual Ideas for Mothers Day!

The Last of Summer Tips



More Sleeping, Less Eating and (sometimes) Shopping | $5 off Outdoor Products

Your Christmas Gift Helper in inside | $5 off Outdoor Products

Is it THAT time already? | $5 OFF Outdoor Products 

The only way to be prepared is... | $5 OFF Outdoor Products

How to Spring out of Winter plus Fathers Day is coming! | $5 OFF all Bedding

Winter Warming, Candle Choosing & Bamboo Buying

Mothers Day Tips, Candles & Bad Bathroom Odours

Bad Bathroom Odours, Pesky Mosquitoes & Easter Egg Colouring

The Condundrum of Cleaning, Beating the Bulge and Avoiding Mosquitoes

The purpose of Pineapples, Vinegar & Colour Wheels

There's a Valentine in all of us

More of the good and less of the not-so-good this summer

The issue of Avoidance. Plus $10 OFF this summer



Seasons Greetings. Hope this puts a smile on your face

It's last minute or it's nothing?

Are you ready for Christmas? Plus a Special Offer

Santa, Shopping & a Special Offer

Your Quick Christmas Gift Helper

Is it Hygienic or the Right Colour? Plus New Offers for Christmas

We're chuffed, it's roasting and he's happy!

Being Warm, Hearty & Healthy!

Storing, Stir-frying & Unusual Mothers Day Activities!

Your Quick Mothers Day Helper (Catalogue)

Conquering Vegetables, Less Cleaning & Easter Egg Colouring

Save More, Cook More! Get 10% Off 3 Day only promotion + Essential Kitchen Tips

Keeping Cool in and out of Bed! Plus 10% Beach Towel Offer



How to survive Gluttony, Grandkids & Christmas Table Decorating! 

Your Quick Christmas Helper (Catalogue)

The Secrets of Saving Money, Power & Flowers!

The Bathroom, Throne & Royal Flush

Spring, Jing and a little Zing

Jump, Run and Father's Day Fun

Socks, Weight Loss & Olympic Inspiration

Towels, Washbags & Myth Busting the Bargain

June 2012 -FREE Gift Wrapping; 5 Ways to Keep Warm in Bed; 5 Tips to Reducing your Power Bill; Blog - Bras, Bodies & Augmented Reality

May 2012 - 7 Days to use your 10% discount! Electric Blanket Safety Check; Blog - Blankets, Chocolate & Ice cream

May 2012 - 3 Cheap Ways to Keep a Room Warm; Create your own Sale!

April 2012 -  5 Tips to Reduce Your Power Bill; Mother's Day Discount Offers; Gorgeous Scarves; Quilt Buying Guide; Spend $40 - Get 10% OFF Get in Shape Range

April 2012 - Your 6 Point Electric Blanket Safety Check; How To Buy Pillows; 7 Reasons to Buy Bamboo; 5% OFF Couch Covers for a short time only

March 2012 - FREE Beach Towel Offer - Ends March 30! Get in Shape Discount Offer; Towel tips & Buying Guides for Sheets





5 Must-Do Spring Cleaning Activities

4 Tips to Keeping Fit and Losing Weight 

Tips for a Great Stir-Fry!

Best Ever Cleaning Tips Use Vinegar

Lounge Makeover Ideas

Spring Jobs for the Garden





How to Save Money when Shopping Online

5 Tips for Paying Less on Your Energy Bills



6 Tips How to Avoid Excess Eating

4 Tips to Keeping Fit and Losing Weight  



How to Avoid Weekly Cleaning

5 Best Ways to Get Pen Marks off Walls

Best Ever Cleaning Tips Use Vinegar

5 Must-Do Spring Cleaning Activities

Time for You to Declutter?



Top 5 Tips for Keeping Towels Soft and Fluffy

How to do a Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

How to Kill Bathroom Odours

Best Ever Cleaning Tips Use Vinegar

5 Uses for Old Towels



5 Essential Kitchen Tips

Tips for a Great Stir-Fry!

4 Simple Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Easily cook the Perfect Casserole

How to Buy a Chopping Board



4 ways to check if your Pillow is past it

5 Uses for Old Pillowcases

Uses for Space Storage Bags

Ways to Beat Insomnia



sure-fit-dining-chair-cover-45027.1350731588.1280.1280.jpg  INDOOR LIVING







3 Easy Tips to Room Decorating

Lounge Makeover Ideas on a budget

What you need to know when choosing colours online

How to Keep Cut Flowers Longer 

Download our FREE printable Colour Wheel 





To help you prepare for Christmas, check out all our helpful Christmas Tips! 

Your Christmas Ready Checklist

6 Tips for Christmas Shopping Online

Great Christmas Tidy Up

6 Budget Christmas Table Decorating Ideas   

Best 5 Christmas eCard sites

6 Tips to Avoid Excess Eating this Festive Season




summertips.png  HOT SUMMER TIPS!

All the tips you need to survive Summer:

Tips to Keeping Cool during Summer 

How to Sleep Better on Warm Nights 

Keeping the GrandKids Busy during holidays  

6 Tips How to Avoid Excess Eating 

How to Avoid Mosquitos

Beating the Bulge

Minimise the risk of Food Poisoning

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies



How to celebrate Valentines Day without a Valentine




How to Colour Easter Eggs 

What's best to eat in Autumn

7 Unusual Mothers' Day Activities 

Great Tips to Lower Humidity in Your Home






3 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Room Warm

5 Ways to Keep Warm in Bed 

4 Tips to Keeping Healthy during Winter

Your 6 Point Electric Blanket Safety Check

Practical Ways to Keep Warm on the move



5 Fun Fathers Day Tips


Buying Guides

How to Buy Sheets (PDF)

How to Buy Pillows 

How to Buy Quilts 

How to Buy Cookware

How to Buy Sure Fit Couch Covers 

Sluban Buying Guide - What you need to know when buying Sluban Toys

How to Buy a Chopping Board - Making a choice between wood, plastic & glass

How to choose Candles

7 Reasons To Buy Bamboo Fabric - Why Bamboo Fabric is much better than cotton!

How to Choose Colour - Why choosing colour online can be problematic


Sizing Guides


Bambury Robes

Body Sock Cafe


Craft Activewear

Craft Bootie

VIPA Lingerie