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Keeping Cool during Summer

A RightBites Tip! 6 Tips for Keeping the Body Cool

Keeping Cool over Summer

We have some tips on keeping yourself cool during these hotter months if you can't control the weather around you!   

1. Back of the neck: Place a wet towel or ice pack around your neck. Your body's temperature control system is located here so doing this is telling your body you are cooler.

2. Wrists: Run cold water on the back of your wrists for 10 seconds. This can lower your body temperature for up to an hour.

3. Feet: Heat is expired from the hands, head and feet so soaking your feet in a cold bucket of water will assist in feeling cooler.

4. Bath: Having a cold or lukewarm bath is far more effective than a shower to cool down.

5. Cucumbers & Mint: Mint is quite refreshing on hot days so look for mint-based skin creams and lotions. It doesn't hurt to add to iced water as well. A cold cucumber slice on the forehead or eyelids can work well too.

6. Iced fans: If you are in a climate where moisture isn't a problem, then with a mixture of 70% water and 30% rocksalt, freeze some bottles and then place in front of a portable fan. The salt brings down the temperature of the frozen water. You can re-freeze the water to re-use.

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