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Essential Kitchen Tips

A RightBites Tip! 5 Essential Tips for the Kitchen 

Whether you are a whiz in the kitchen or just the occasional visitor, we have 5 essential tips for a keeping a hygienic kitchen and producing great tasting food:

1. Cutting & Chopping Boards: If you don't already, keep separate kitchen chopping boards for vegetable chopping (including onions & garlic), fruit/cheeses & breads and meat/poultry/fish.

2. Containers: Make sure you store everything you can in containers. It keeps the bugs out and keeps everything fresh as well. Fridge crispers cannot do the job that a well-sealed container can do. Plus, minimising the amount of food you wrap is more eco-friendly (plastic wrap is not biodegradable) and saves you money in the long run. 


3. Herbs & Spices: Green herbs, apart from oregano, don't store well when they are dried. So if you have any bottles of dried herbs, don't leave them around too long as they will fade and lose flavour. Dried spices, like cinnamon, cloves, curry powder, cumin & chilli pepper, are somewhat easier to store.

4. Overcooking: Many make the big mistake of overcooking as food just falls apart but not in a good way. Vitamins leach out and the taste is dulled. Just try removing food, especially meat and vegetables just before they are done and let the residual heat finish it for you. Remember, cooking vegetables is only really intended to soften them up to chew and enhance the flavour as you can eat most vegetables raw. If your meal is a bit bland or overcooked, you can save it by a dash of salt, lemon juice or olive oil.

5. Fruit: Apart from berries, fruit should not be stored in the fridge unless you live in a very warm climate and need to prolong its life. Fruit just does taste better and ripen naturally stored outside the fridge. You can apply the same rule for avocadoes, tomatoes and capsicums.

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