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About Us

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The idea behind rightbuy.com.au

We are an Australian-owned and based company with many years of retail experience behind us. We started rightbuy.com.au because we couldn't find an online store which offered 4 really important things to us:

  1. Quality products from known brands without endless combinations of choice causing undue complexity for us time-poor people
  2. Great prices that included shipping - we got constantly annoyed that we had to always calculate shipping - why couldn't it be in the price? Nor were we going to pay the exhorbitant traditional retailer markups as we'd been in the industry.
  3. Beyond just customer service - Another poor online experience convinced us that customers should not have to prove that they are right. Plus every time we contact a customer it has to count.
  4. Finally, we liked things that added value to our lives, rather than being bombarded with endless clutter. Any tip or hint that would help keep life simple or save time or money was gold to us!

The idea of rightbuy.com.au was born.

Here's our Customer Service Statement:


Customer Service is not just a department

  • Unlike faceless discount stores, we aim to deliver a personal shopping experience that matters.
  • Our customer service is in everything we do - it's not just about a call centre.
  • We'll do our very best to earn a relationship with you that matters.
  • To ensure you are satisfied with your experience with us, we offer a 90-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility 


We re-use all packaging wherever possible when shipping from our warehouse and do not unnecessarily bubble wrap items (ie that are not fragile/breakable).

When we do bubble wrap, we spend a little more to buy green recyclable bubble wrap.

We also use acid free tissue paper to wrap all clothing/underwear products that don't come in their own packaging.


The gift wrap we buy (plus other activities) supports Variety, the childrens charity. 

Our donation bin is for Barnados who help children at risk.

We also sell the products from the The Interior Trading Company. This company aims to help women in impoverished communities with traditional skills who produce beautiful, high quality products by creating a market for their products and opportunities for them and their children.

Our team is also active in numerous volunteer activities when not spending time with their families.



Thanks for visiting,

Mary on behalf of the Right Buy team 


Right Buy Pty Ltd, ABN 92 151 754 979